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So far for new routines

So far for doing a blogpost everyday, after 2 days I'm failing already!

Luckily there are things in life we just can't ignore or forget about and needs to be done everyday, For example my daughters! Because we just had an amazing weekend in Tel Aviv, and for the first time in a long time I experienced myself running and playing around with my daughter!

I would love to say running and playing 'again' but I don't recall myself getting into a mood of actually playing with her, im not a bad mom im really not, im just not so much of a play person, until they get to an age of board games maybe, that would be amazing..

So I loved the feeling of letting go of everything for a day or two, not thinking about anything that needs to be done, I can honestly say I was in the moment, enjoying, and being the mom I want to be, and I imagined myself to be!

I do not know yet how I can get myself in that mood on purpose but hopefully one day (soon) I'll figure that out. It will be more pleasant for my children and husband to know they can spend some fun time with me than to think that after one smile of me I would remind them of what still needs to be done today, this week ánd this month. Im a nag. Businesswoman downside?


Enjoy your day!


Turn yourself off if you can and let me know how!

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