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Am i a writer?

So you won't guess from the amount of blogs posts I wrote, but I always had this secret dream of publishing a book, but why would I? I do not have an super interesting life or travel the world. But I do love writing, so why won't I?

About a year ago I came across a website called 'wereldwijven' roughly translated its called worldbitches, basically a website of women supporting women and showing the sky is the limit.They're sharing their stories and now I am there too.

This made me think why I'm not doing more with this blog, well first of all imposter syndrome.. Why on earth would someone read a blog from a website that looks this rubbish (Whenever my website it's appearance is the same for 2 months I feel it should have been updated already)

So right now I decided I can write without updated the site first.

The question is will I keep the writing up on a daily basis, or even weekly, and how much and what to share? I rather keep my children's life private, so there's hardly anything to write there.

I've been through enough, but I don't like to make everyone miserable by just reading a piece of me. So I'll let myself be surprised too, whatever comes to mind!

See you soon!


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