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Looking forward to today!

So for a while everyone has been struggling with meeting up with friends, am I wrong?

So today I finally meeting up with my bestie here, can't wait! She told me she'll be available today and asked if I have a day off, well yes! Now I do! The perks of setting your own times as a business owner, I LOVE that.

So I've been working on my ceramics until late yesterday night because I still need to feel fulfilled and finished with my work before I grant myself a day off. So right now I feel good!

Yesterday I also figured out 'buffer' again, a website where you can schedule your insta / Facebook / social media posts. and its truly a blessing, right now my marble necklace, which I'm selling with a discount for mothers day, will get posted / promoted every other day, without me needing to pause my life and duck behind any computer to get it done, no, I did that already yesterday when I did have time, so I don't need to do it when I feel I'm struggling with daily life.

Which is a struggle, im telling you, Motherhood came super naturally to me, and works out great, but cooking? not my cup of tea, and in this culture where im living right now, its expected I take care of that aspect... more about later!

Have a great day you all!

Good luck with all you need to do and what you love to do today!


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