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Tough situations build strong people

Hi! Here I am again!

So a lot of ups and downs this week, not sure if it's completely due to the fact of hormones, but certainly makes it more intense!

First of all, our beautiful Daniella, is potty trained for about a week now! that's such a blessing, we've been trying and trying and it was not working out, I just spoke to a friend and spontaneously the next morning Daniella decided to cooperate with the whole process..

On the other hand this miracle girl, really loves my stuff that I make in my business, there is not a day that by that she needs to walk up to stuff I made and say it's 'mooi' beautiful, that also means she feels entitled to touch it, which if def(!) nog the case, so yes this week she broke 125$ worth of stuff.. thank you darling...

Brings me to a next point of to do, to organize my working area even better as far as that is possible in the middle of the living room!

Sunday I felt positive! I had a bunch of stuff to do, I went to the first store, closed, no biggy, next stop, family, Daniella did NOT want to come along.. xD, fine, next stop, a shop to talk about selling my stuff, the owner wasn't there.. and I needed to get some groceries for the business, and obviously, not in stock. What a day.. That made me feel it would be impossible to actually get things of the floor, to actually sell me stuff in places, and that feeling continued Monday, I was in a bad place and in a bad shape, really!

But that's not the kind of person I am! im positive! so Tuesday I woke up with a brand new set of energy that I'm going to handle it, and work for my target in the end of the week even though it seemed further that ever! At least I sent my first order/package this week! that should be something that keeps me moving and enthusiastic for a week shouldn't it?!

So this morning I picked up myself, got a good shower, did some administrative work and then needed to go for a quick ultrasound for the baby.

That went different than expected.. in stead of walking in and walking out with some pictures, I walked out with worries and horror stories, apparently I developed a umbilical cord with only one artery, also known as SUA, it could involve a bunch of complications so right now I'll need to be under more check ups, in this country where I only understand half of what is really going on in the hospital. man I wish I was in my home country in this kind of situations..

To top everything off, we're still in stress and looking for a new living space, So we have a child at home 24/7, we have two businesses to run, we've a hick-up in the pregnancy, and we really need to move houses.

BUT we both carry smiles on our faces, and we will continue to do whatever it takes to bring us to a better place with thriving businesses. Let's keep rolling!

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